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September 30, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Official Release

So Final Fantasy XIV has been officially released and I'm sure there will be a large influx of players both today and tomorrow.

Of course I think that, since it's a paid service, you can expect people not realizing that you can get on the game on day one. Also the update download will take a long while due to the massive downloading requests.

If you are wondering how to activate your free trial, here is how to do it:
1) Log into your SE account
2) Go into FFXIV Add Service
3) Choose Add Option
4) Add a Character and pay with Crysta
5) Continue and at the end you'll see a "-1,299 30 day free bonus" so the price will be zero
6) Now you can play while you wait for your clickandbuy account to become active!

Hope this helps a bunch of people :) Have fun playing!!!

New Ideas

Well, someone said something about DS games and I just have to say I completely forgot about those ones!

I will be doing a Pokemon Black and White review, a Professor Layton series review, and some other DS games I can sift through and find amusing.

Thanks guys for reminding me!

September 29, 2010

What will Come in the Future

Right now I'm a little busy, but here is a list of writings I'm going to be doing in the future (within this or next week I should get most or all of them done):
  • Review of Final Fantasy XIV Specs
  • Review of Final Fantasy XIV Special Equipment
  • Review of EarthBound (My favorite game, so it'll include other opinions)
  • Review of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
  • Some tips for Guitar Hero
  • Motorola Droid X review and recommended apps
So I hope you all look forward to that stuff and I'll be writing soon!

September 28, 2010

WonderKing Online!

Yes... I'm straying a bit from Final Fantasy in order to give you all a taste of something pretty neat.

WonderKing Online is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG with both modern and mythic aspects integrated into its fantasy environment. Like MapleStory, this game has its own signature animal. They call it the puma.
Pretty cute and, in my opinion, better looking than the MapleStory slimes.

This game, though resembling MapleStory in its most basic senses, is actually quite unique. It is very new, not even a year since the release... But it has amazing content and a pretty unique and individual story line, which MapleStory is lacking greatly. Most of the NPCs have voice actors associated with them. There are Part-Time quests that you can repeat. Making money is super easy with the quest system and from selling the vast amount of equipment drops you can obtain great quantities of money to supplement your travels.

When it comes to leveling... WonderKing wins the great battle of EXP balancing! You get to explore areas fast so you never get bored. You won't spend hours grinding or questing in areas (excluding later levels). You can go from level 1 to level 30 in 3-5 hours, 7 hours if you take it really slow. You get your first job and basic job at the same time, during creation... so you feel like you're advancing more and you have more customization early in the game. Getting from level 30 to level 80 is actually quite fast, it'll take some time but with questing and taking your time to read what the quests are actually asking, you can do it in a week, two at most.

Something WonderKing has that MapleStory not only lacks, but has never even tried to implement, is the PvP system! YES! WonderKing has PvP! Unfortunately it's not as balanced or perfect as you'd like it to be. It's still in the beta stages and no EXP or Gold is awarded... but they are improving it every update and balancing the classes greatly so soon everything in the game will be fixed... since 95% of the problems are class imbalances and don't have to do with PvE content.

Over-all the world of WonderKing is a great place! So if you're looking for a new, free MMORPG (which has cash items but you can do surveys which have extremely high payout rates because WK actually cares about its customers) with lots of new content and exciting stories, then play WonderKing! Or if you're just hating on MapleStory and desiring a way to piss them out, come to WonderKing and lower Nexon's Fan Base!

September 27, 2010

A Disk of Disappointment

First I would like to say that I never expected this bonus DVD to be packed full of information... but it would have been nice if it was longer than 2 episodes of Naruto! (Or 20 episodes worth of actual story progression--100 episodes of story progression in Dragon Ball Z)

So the title screen is a very bland thing, though very clean at the same time.
As you can see there is a Final Fantasy XIV Online logo, followed by the name of the virtual world. Then it tells you it's about the making of the game. Below that there are two selections, either play all or chapter list.

Let's first take a look at the chapters within the disk.
As you can see, both pages are displayed in a very clean and organized manner with beautiful artwork as the background. The designing of these menus certainly was thought of carefully. You see nine chapters in total. The first three chapters are somewhat tied in, each with about the same backgrounds and style of story telling. The next chapter, and the longest, is about the music and the creator of the music for the game Nobuo Uematsu (not only for this game, but he also created most of the Final Fantasy music in all games). The final five chapters tie into one another pretty well. You actually have a difficult time telling them apart which, even though that might sound bad, is actually quite good. This is because it's full of amazing artwork and designs done by the team.

Now... Though things are good... the production value lies in what was actually created for the game. The effects within the movie itself are awful and, even though they used genuine staff members, the acting and enthusiasm was not shown at all in the speaking voices nor postures of the people portrayed within the film. You don't get to see a lot of inside stuff... you see more rigid, expected things that not a lot of people care about and can be found on the internet with ease. Considering the price of this I would expect some good quality documenting and a longer run-time. The total run-time is 35 minutes and a few seconds... paired with the repetative music (they constantly use the theme song/original FF theme instead of switching it up) it makes this DVD not something I'd watch again... and actually I wish I never watched it because everything shown here can be seen in-game.

Now that said, this DVD's lack-luster features certainly don't weigh down the value of this box set... but it does make you wanting more and wishing they would have done certain things better. So if you want to see some nifty things and don't feel like reading, then sure, watch this. Otherwise don't waste your time.

Quick Update

I am about to do a review of the bonus dvd that came with FFXIV. Just thought I would give you all a quick view of what the future holds!
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September 26, 2010

Got the game to run!

Yes, I finally got the game to run, and in full screen too! All you need to do is set the resolution in configuration to the resolution of your display. For anyone who has this problem I hope this little tip helped you out. If not, I will be more than happy to help you trouble shoot!

Hope to see you all online soon!
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Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition

I have recently purchased the Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition and I have to say I am very happy!
This is the cover art to the giant, 13" diagonal box, both beautiful and mesmerizing. It's a reminder of the old Final Fantasies. The one in dark armor looks almost like Firion or Cecil. 

This is the back cover slip, displaying all that comes within the box and includes the system requirements. The way it's organized is actually pretty well done.

When you take off the plastic cover from the book-like box you will be able to remove the back cover slip and see a pleasant work of art along with a giant XIV.

Inside the box you will find three things. First is the actual game wrapped in shrink-wrap for extra protection. Then you will find your security token and your customized, leather-bound journal. It is all perfectly displayed in the already heavy feeling and beautiful looking book-like case. It certainly (in display and aesthetic appeal) was worth the $75.00 + Tax.

This is actually one of the main reasons I bought the game. This security token is actually quite nifty. They sell them as a stand-alone unit... but who would want a normal one when you can get a Final Fantasy XIV customized one?! That little red button can be pressed and it will display 6 digits that are unique each time (of course that means there are only 10x10x10x10x10x10 unique combinations... or 1,000,000... so press it 1,000,000 times to see all combinations). 

Now after opening the actual game, you will find your game disk, instruction manual, some codes and such for redeeming all of the special stuff you get, and your bonus DVD (a little less than 40 minutes long).

Finally you have the amazing, leather journal. It comes with a built-in orange bookmark and weapon art water-marks on each page. At the end of the book there are images and artworks of monsters and other things within the game. It's quite breathtaking.

Unfortunately my laptop is unable to run this game and I don't have the money to purchase either a new computer nor a long-term account. Still, despite my lack of ability to play this amazing game, I have no problem and have no regret with my purchase. I suggest if you have the money and ability, get this version before it's gone.